McKinsey …  |  Business  |  Dec 01, 2023

How will Asia’s changing demographics impact societies and healthcare?

Jin Wang, senior partner in McKinsey’s Shenzhen office, shares more on the opportunities that lie in building a more ...

McKinsey …  |  Business  |  Dec 01, 2023

Forging a new era for Asia

Asia is at a crossroads—today’s cluster of disruptions have the region at the epicenter. Senior partner and Asia Cha...

McKinsey …  |  Business  |  Dec 01, 2023

What does it take to be a great CEO?

Joydeep Sengupta, senior partner in McKinsey’s Singapore office, shares more on which changes to the global business ...

McKinsey …  |  Business  |  Dec 01, 2023

How businesses can enable sustainable, inclusive growth

Kweilin Ellingrud, senior partner and McKinsey Global Institute director, discusses the role businesses can play to c...

McKinsey …  |  Business  |  Dec 01, 2023

Preview: What would it take to scale critical climate technologies?

Many of the climate technologies needed to achieve deep decarbonization already exist. The challenge now is accelera...

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