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BBC  |  World  |  Sep 28, 2023

Magpie swooping: How polarising bird terrorises suburban Australia

Each spring, magpies swoop on countless unsuspecting Australians while defending their nests. ...

The New Y…  |  World  |  Sep 28, 2023

Chinese Activist Camps Out at Airport in Taiwan in Bid for Asylum

Chen Siming fled China and awaits refugee assistance in Taiwan, which is wary of raising tensions with Beijing by bei...

The Guard…  |  World  |  Sep 28, 2023

The UN refugee convention works and is as necessary as ever | Letter

Leaders of charities and NGOs respond to Suella Braverman’s recent comments attacking the refugee convention in the ...

The Guard…  |  World  |  Sep 28, 2023

Pakistan welcomes fast-fashion brand Boohoo despite poor staff safety claims

Call to set up role comes as report alleges retailer uses factories that violate minimum-wage requirements and worke...

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