The New Y…  |  Science  |  Sep 28, 2023

Biden Said He Would Stop Drilling. Then Reality Hit.

The tug of war over one drilling lease in the Gulf of Mexico involving the president, Congress and the courts illustr...

The Verge  |  Science  |  Sep 28, 2023

Microsoft is testing low-carbon concrete for its data centers

A worker smooths a sample of concrete mix in a canister that contains materials to lower the over...

The Econo…  |  Science  |  Sep 28, 2023

Pragyan rover has done what it was expected to do: ISRO chief

The Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has stated that the Pragyan rover of the Chandrayaan-3 ...

The Guard…  |  Science  |  Sep 28, 2023

‘We know how to win’: how a Haida nature reserve became a model for the world

Thirty years ago, when the people of Haida Gwaii blockaded logging roads in British Columbia, few foresaw the result...

The Guard…  |  Science  |  Sep 28, 2023

They kill their own parents, children and neighbours. Now life is even worse for the vicious alpine…

The climate crisis has intensified the rodents’ bloodthirsty fighting. From a chalet high on the French-Italian bor...

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