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Everyone wants to know - What's happening around the world? However, it's tedious & counter productive to browse and scan news on multiple different sources. 'The Bulletin Box' makes it easier for you.

'The Bulletin Box' aggregates news, articles, videos & other insightful content, curated from 100+ renowned sources across the globe. So, you can get well aggregated news feed from trusted sources at one place.
One stop platform for aggregated News

News, articles, videos & other insightful content, curated from 100+ renowned sources.
Get customized feed based on your preference

Customized feed filtered based on your preferred sources, categories and locations.
Save important content for future reference

Save news, articles & other content of your interest for future references.
Mission & Vision

Our mission is to build and provide an open platform where anyone can share thoughts, ideas, perspective, wisdom and thus, enable the knowledge sharing and awareness.

Our vision is to touch and benefit millions of lives via insightful and thought provoking content and eventually make a significant social impact by causing awareness and raising voice against/for deep rooted negatives/positives of society.
We endeavor to keep adding new features to our platform and bring you valuable content. Our focus is and will always be on providing quality content with the ease of access. You can always write to us for any feedback, suggestion, new feature request, or just to say 'hello' :)
News, articles, videos and other insightful content, curated from renowned sources across the globe.
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