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We're a content platform. We source News, Articles & Videos from different trusted media sources across the globe and we have our in-house team for Editorial & Podcast to provide aggregated content for our readers. In addition to that, there're many other features that readers can leverage while using our platform.
So far, we have curated 571907 feeds and every hour we're updating latest News. Currently, we have 17 trusted global media sources (listed below) and we're analyzing more sources to add to our list in order to curate the best content for our readers.
... also we're a News sharing platform
While you are busy in your day-to-day lives, we are busy in bringing the news that really matters to you. You can choose the sources, locations and categories that you are interested in and read the tailored news on your News feed.
Using our unique feature ‘Wall (Network Feed)’, readers can pin the posts that you would recommend your followers to read them. You can also view and read the posts of the people you follow in your network that you create in our platform.
So, what do we mean by network? It's your network with people you choose to follow! The 'Wall (Network Feed)' shows all the recommended posts that is either pinned by you or by people you follow. Similarly, you can also share news & articles with thousands of people who follows you, with just one click. So easy right?
Every morning, just grab a cup of coffee & check out your network feed for all recommended news by your network.
Pin A Post
The sample image shows, how to pin a post (left) and view it on your 'Wall' page (right). All you need to do is:
  • Create an account. Register » and login to your account. Login »
  • Go to any post, and click 'Pin to Wall' button at the bottom of post.
That's it :) Once pinned, the post will be displayed on 'Wall (Network Feed)' for you and your followers.
We endeavor to keep adding new features to our platform. Our focus is and will always be on providing quality content with ease of access. You can always write to us for any feedback, suggestion, new feature request you have or just to say 'hello' :) We'd be happy to hear from you.
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