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McKinsey …  |  Business  |  Sep 28, 2023

Activating middle managers through capability building

Middle managers can drive the success of organizations, but first they need the skills to succeed. Targeted training...

McKinsey …  |  Business  |  Sep 28, 2023

How to predict your competitor’s next move

Know which competitors matter the most and predict their next steps with greater accuracy. ...

McKinsey …  |  Business  |  Sep 27, 2023

The promise of travel in the age of AI

What will define the next age of travel? Digital technology and artificial intelligence are empowering the industry t...

McKinsey …  |  Business  |  Sep 27, 2023

A new era for procurement: Value creation across the supply chain

The past few years of upheaval have underscored procurement’s importance for generating value. The next few years co...

McKinsey …  |  Business  |  Sep 27, 2023

Hybrid work, urban ecosystems, and the future of real estate

As the landscape of real estate changes, stakeholders need to adapt to find pockets of opportunity while supporting a...

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