NDTV  |  Health  |  Mar 22, 2023

Want To Upgrade Your Home Bar? 5 Must-Have Bar Tools To Stock

These home bar essentials will help you make your favourite concoctions. ...

NDTV  |  Health  |  Mar 22, 2023

Navratri 2023: Spices You Can And Cannot Have During Navratri Vrat (Fast)

Navratri 2023: Here's a list of spices you can and can not have during navratri fast. ...

NDTV  |  Health  |  Mar 22, 2023

Navratri 2023: What Vegetables to Eat and What to Avoid While Fasting

Navratri 2023: Here's list of vegetables that one can consume. ...

NDTV  |  Health  |  Mar 22, 2023

To Eat Or Not To Eat? 11 Best And Worst Foods For Acid Reflux

A bad diet cause stomach issues like acidity. ...

NDTV  |  Health  |  Mar 22, 2023

Drinks That Will Help In Relieving Pain During Periods

Hot teas help in soothing period pain. ...

NDTV  |  Health  |  Mar 22, 2023

Pizza Hut Japan Launches Bizarre New Pizza With Coriander As Topping

Pizza Hut Japan has launched an interesting new pizza. ...

NDTV  |  Health  |  Mar 22, 2023

'If 2 States Movie Were A Dish': Woman Pairs Dosa With Chhole, Internet Divided

Dosa and Chhole: Latest bizarre food combination or just an unlikely pairing?...

NDTV  |  Health  |  Mar 22, 2023

16 Best Navratri Vrat Recipes | Popular Fast Recipes | Easy Vrat Recipes

Vrat recipes to prepare at home during Navratri 2023...

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