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TASS News…  |  World  |  Feb 04, 2023

Israel does not want flight incidents with military aircraft in Syrian airspace — PM

"This would not serve anyone’s interests," Benjamin Netanyahu stressed...

TASS News…  |  World  |  Feb 04, 2023

Sanctions can lead to constraints in energy supplies — Saudi Minister

The embargo and the price ceiling on Russian petroleum products came into force on February 5...

TASS News…  |  World  |  Feb 04, 2023

Man’s body recovered from under rubble of house damaged by shelling in Donetsk — DPR

Earlier on Saturday, Donetsk Mayor Alexei Kulemzin said that up to five people could have been under the rubble of an...

TASS News…  |  World  |  Feb 04, 2023

Islamic State supporters detained in Istanbul for plotting attacks on foreign consulates

According to the channel, they were suspected of plotting attacks on the consulates of Western countries and the Chri...

TASS News…  |  World  |  Feb 04, 2023

US shoots down Chinese balloon — agency

The US Federal Aviation Administration closed airspace in the area where the balloon was shot down until 05:15 p. m. ...

TASS News…  |  World  |  Feb 04, 2023

Russian forces advancing on Ugledar from south, southwest, west — DPR head

The DPR earlier said that Ugledar is a major logistical hub, which liberation will help stop the supply of the Ukrain...

TASS News…  |  World  |  Feb 04, 2023

US closes airspace in southeast over Pentagon security effort

Earlier, the US media reported citing sources that the authorities intended to wait for the Chinese weather balloon t...

TASS News…  |  World  |  Feb 04, 2023

Medvedev warns if Kiev attacks Crimea, retaliation is inevitable

"International law respects the will of the people," he tweeted in English, adding that Crimea is a Russian region...

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