Massachusetts Institu…
Massachus…  |  Ideas  |  Mar 22, 2023

Bob Metcalfe ’68 wins $1 million Turing Award

CSAIL research affiliate and MIT Corporation life member emeritus is honored with the “Nobel Prize of computing” for ...

Massachus…  |  Science  |  Mar 21, 2023

MIT-led teams win National Science Foundation grants to research sustainable materials

The teams will work toward sustainable microchips and topological materials as well as socioresilient materials desig...

Massachus…  |  Ideas  |  Mar 21, 2023

Fiber “barcodes” can make clothing labels that last

Drawing inspiration from butterfly wings, reflective fibers woven into clothing could reshape textile sorting and rec...

Massachus…  |  Science  |  Mar 20, 2023

Detailed images from space offer clearer picture of drought effects on plants

J-WAFS researchers are using remote sensing observations to build high-resolution systems to monitor drought. ...

Massachus…  |  Science  |  Mar 20, 2023

Exploring the nanoworld of biogenic gems

Project will develop new materials characterization tools and technologies to assign unique identifiers to individual...

Massachus…  |  Ideas  |  Mar 17, 2023

MIT affiliates honored with 2023 Optica awards and medals

Optics and photonics awards go to Professor Marin Soljacic as well as alumni Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato, Turan Erdoga...

Massachus…  |  Ideas  |  Mar 16, 2023

Low-cost device can measure air pollution anywhere

Open-source tool from MIT’s Senseable City Lab lets people check air quality, cheaply. ...

Massachus…  |  Ideas  |  Mar 15, 2023

A new control switch could make RNA therapies easier to program

Using this approach, researchers hope to deliver therapeutic RNA molecules selectively to cancer cells or other targe...

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