Politico  |  Science  |  Sep 27, 2023

AI might drive down carbon — if its energy use is kept in check

The promising technology could be applied in various ways to address climate change. But it also uses a lot of power...

The Verge  |  Science  |  Sep 27, 2023

eBay accused of selling hundreds of thousands of harmful polluting products

Image: Getty Online auction site eBay was accused of selling “hundreds of thousands” of...

The Guard…  |  Science  |  Sep 27, 2023

The Guardian view on the Rosebank oilfield: a symbol of Sunak’s cynicism | Editorial

The PM continues to play politics with the climate emergency. The dismal consequences will long outlast his time in...

The Verge  |  Science  |  Sep 27, 2023

Young people are suing Europe’s governments over climate change

Young Portuguese citizens (C) arrive at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg, ...

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