Gizmodo  |  World  |  Dec 02, 2023

Halo Season 2 Teases a Major Franchise Fall

The first season of Halo’s TV adaptation was sometimes interesting , but also kind of a mess. With a new timeli...

Gizmodo  |  World  |  Dec 02, 2023

Star Trek: Discovery's Final Season Goes Monster Hunting For a Premiere Date

It feels like we’ve been hearing about Star Trek: Discovery’s fifth season—even before we knew it would be its fin...

Gizmodo  |  World  |  Dec 02, 2023

The Boys Are Back in Town, and They're Going to the Polls

It’s been over a full year since the last season of The Boys , and while Gen V’s definitely kept the franchise g...

Gizmodo  |  World  |  Dec 02, 2023

House of the Dragon Comes Flying Back with a Vengeance

Despite initial skepticism, House of the Dragon proved itself to be a solid return to the world of Westeros and a...

Gizmodo  |  World  |  Dec 02, 2023

Microsoft’s Handheld Version of the Xbox App is a Good First Step; Now Do Windows

The Xbox app now plays nice with handheld consoles thanks to a new “Compact mode. ” Windows-based handheld console ...

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