Firstpost  |  World  |  Feb 23, 2024

Alexei Navalny death: Russian authorities give mother 3-hour ultimatum over burial, says Navalny's …

Navalny, the best-known political opponent of President Vladimir Putin, died suddenly a week ago in the Arctic penal ...

Firstpost  |  World  |  Feb 23, 2024

Israel seeks open-ended control over security, civilian affairs in Gaza

Netanyahu's plan, while lacking specifics, marks the first time he has presented a formal postwar vision. It reitera...

Firstpost  |  World  |  Feb 23, 2024

Indian company among 27 faces EU sanctions over dual-use exports to Russia

The European Union announced Friday that it is imposing sanctions on several foreign companies over allegations that ...

Firstpost  |  World  |  Feb 23, 2024

Hungary buys Swedish fighter jets ahead of final vote on Sweden's NATO accession

The defence agreement reached on Friday seemed to mark a significant step towards reconciliation between the two admi...

Firstpost  |  World  |  Feb 23, 2024

India calls for early 'discharge' of nationals working for Russian Army

According to reports, several Indians have been working as security helpers in the Russian military, and they were fo...

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