Coinbase  |  Video Bro…  |  Feb 03, 2023

Wallet Walkthrough: Connecting Your Ledger Hardware Wallet

Coinbase Wallet software engineer Cody Crozier shows how you can explore web3 with confidence using your Ledger hardw...

Coinbase  |  Video Bro…  |  Feb 02, 2023

Around the Block Ep 43: Building for the Future with Solana’s Anatoly Yakovenko

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and Solana Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko discuss all things Solana: how it all started, t...

Coinbase  |  Video Bro…  |  Feb 01, 2023

Wallet Walkthrough: Transaction Previews

Learn more about Coinbase Wallet’s transaction preview feature from product manager Ajoola John. See how else you ca...

Coinbase  |  Video Bro…  |  Jan 31, 2023

Big macro week ahead: The FOMC and jobs

This is a big macro week for markets with the Federal Reserve, ECB, Bank of England, and US payrolls data on tap. Ahe...

Coinbase  |  Video Bro…  |  Jan 30, 2023

Coinbase Wallet: Building the Safest & Most Secure Web3 Wallet

Learn how Coinbase Wallet is focused on making web3 exploration safer and more secure for everyone through a new suit...

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