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9News Aus…  |  World  |  Feb 04, 2023

Voice to parliament critics attempting to start 'culture war'. PM says

The PM will say in a speech today that people on social media are "drumming up outrage, trying to start a cult...

9News Aus…  |  World  |  Feb 04, 2023

Why Sydney man looks for one of world's most venomous spiders

A Sydney man dubbed the funnel web hunter has caught more than 1000 spiders in his spare time. ...

9News Aus…  |  World  |  Feb 04, 2023

The most nerve-jangling airports for pilots in the world

From runways perched atop snowy alps, to tiny stretches of tarmacs on wind-battered islands; these are some of the r...

9News Aus…  |  World  |  Feb 04, 2023

US military shoots down Chinese spy balloon off East Coast

China's Foreign Ministry has said the balloon entered the airspace by accident, but the US is branding the inci...

9News Aus…  |  World  |  Feb 04, 2023

Man critically injured after alleged assault at festival in Victoria

The assault allegedly occurred while patrons were lining up to catch buses home from a festival in Macarthur, about ...

9News Aus…  |  World  |  Feb 04, 2023

Dozens of soldiers freed in Russia-Ukraine prisoner swap

Russian defence officials announced 63 Russian troops had returned from Ukraine following the swap, with 116 Ukraini...

9News Aus…  |  World  |  Feb 04, 2023

Teen dies in shark attack in WA's Swan River

A 16-year-old girl is believed to have been killed in a suspected shark attack in the Swan River at East Fremantle, ...

9News Aus…  |  World  |  Feb 04, 2023

Train derailment in northeastern Ohio sparks massive fire

Officials issued a shelter-in-place order for the entire town of roughly 5,000 people, while an evacuation order is ...

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