Homemaker - Ain't she a Superwoman???

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I am starting to write this article with wonderful words of  C.S.Lewis:

“The Homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only - and that is to support the ultimate career.”

Yes, now you got it right, today's article is a tribute to all housewives. Household management is a full time responsibility and the antiquated word describing this is the role of a “housewife”. As time passed and as relationships and roles evolved the word “housewife” has been interchanged by the word “Homemaker” so that it isn't Gender specific and also adds more meaning and depth to the Role of the person involved in it.

Though times have changed and mindsets have upgraded, somewhere I feel that the interpretation of the word Homemaker is restricted to the activities carried out in the household. There is still a cluster of our very own society which underestimates the Worth of being a housewife. Isn’t It ??

Homemaking is a full time job where in : 

  • There is no salary 
  • There are no bonuses
  • There are no perks
  • The work keeps changing to the needs and requirements of the family
  • There are no fixed working hours
  • There is overtime but no allowance

How is the success of any job measured? We usually measure success in terms of money you earn, promotions you get and what job you are into. These become the important factors which determine success. Does money and net-worth really indicate success? Then isn't a homemaker successful? Yes, here is where some go wrong, we try to measure every person on the same scale.

  • If the family is happy, united, healthy and mostly together then this indicates the victory of a homemaker and her efforts! 
  • Her appraisal is not once a year but happens on a daily basis. If one day if she is not up-to the mark she is judged.
  • Her Bonus is the little time that she gets to spend for herself
  • Her Perk is the smile that she sees on her children”s face when she does something that the children like.
  • Her overtime allowance is the quality time that she gets in family vacations where she is relieved from her daily work for a day or two.

During the pandemic the social media was flooded with videos of cooking, kitchen tips and tricks daily hack, DIYs. These videos were going viral and were trending all over the internet. So many likes and views. But the irony here is that homemakers have been doing these activities year over years. It is something that they have been doing as a daily routine without even expecting appreciation.

Being a homemaker isn't easy, it is in fact the most responsible profession. Profession where all the skills from all disciplines are tested.

  • She has to plan finances and run the household in a budget that is fixed where she has to take care of inflow and outflow of money and also indulge in savings.
  • She will have to take stocks of household supplies and also manage it efficiently so that she is able to manage with stocks for entire month
  • She dons the hat of a Chef and also a Nutritionist when she plans a well balanced healthy meal from young ones to older ones in the family.
  • She updates herself with all medical terms and names of medicines, when she takes care of elders and children in the family
  • She becomes a Counsellor to her children and give them the support that they need whenever they have some issues.
  • She becomes a Teacher when she teaches children 
  • Whenever there is an event or get together in the family, she becomes an Event Manager and manages and takes care that all arrangements are well done.

And this list is exhaustive and we can go on and on. I proudly say that a Homemaker is no less than a Superwoman. She Does all her work with sincerity, dedication and utmost efficiency. Her work is Unadulterated. Though much is said and hyped and written, This profession is not given the due credit. The work of house management is taken for Granted and is definitely underrated Isn't It ?

  • Our desk is super messed at night but by the time we get up in the morning, the desk is spic and span. We see this and consider it as something obvious. Do we recognise our mother/wife for this?
  • Our cupboard is clumsy as we pull out clothes we need, but every-time its clumsy there is a person who stacks and arranges it prim and proper. Do we say a thank you?
  • We spill our tea while talking over the phone, by the time we finished talking the spilled tea is all cleaned up and tidy. Do we even notice it and smile gratefully ?? 

Likewise, so many things happen around us so much effortlessly and makes our job more functional and easier right.

Today let's pay a tribute to all mothers and grannies and girls who are Homemaker alias Superwomen. Let's appreciate their efforts and salute them for the work that they do. Let's all celebrate them and their work every single day, because when she works we are able to perform.

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  • Nov. 30, 2021, 8:07 a.m.

    Home makers are second to none. That is why long back it is said behind every successful man there is a woman. That credit is to none other than Home Makers
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