December: Ruminating Over What Was and What Will Be!

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December 2020! Can’t believe it’s here and how time has flown by. Is it just me who thinks that months have whizzed past from March to December? Looking back, April feels like yesterday and if I were to recollect any special moment my mind goes into a black hole. Really, was I cruising in space or am I still floating within a parallel universe? Time dilation from Einstein’s theory of relativity is not applicable here, but I think this phenomenon of time lapse is somewhat attributable to solitude and being stationary. Often we tend to reminisce about the past through memorable events and incidents, mostly happy ones.

The pandemic curtailed our travel and socialization massively, at least for me. All I can recollect from these months is ‘work from home’. Work time has stretched and with blurring boundaries between home and work, it takes a certain amount of discipline to withdraw completely from work. The only socialization I've had is via the digital world and calls, which isn’t my thing (yeah socializing hasn't been my thing ever, but I can put the blame on the pandemic this time). Looking at the pros, being at home makes parents more than happy to have their ‘overgrown children’ with them. They no longer have to worry about those status calls to check the whereabouts or fret over late night outings.

As I reminisce, some days were tough and frustrating indeed, particularly when conundrums sucked out the joy out of life. Disturbing news and events dispersed across these months did take a toll on the mental, emotional and physical health of several people. Apart from COVID-19, stress, loneliness, depression, domestic violence and financial difficulties were the most prominent elements of this year. Everyone found their own coping mechanism and ultimately we made it, tumbling, crawling, bruised and tired. Lockdown or the pandemic fatigue is also prominent as many across the globe are out on the streets and not following physical distancing protocols or wearing masks. God bless those souls!

Nevertheless, we are in this together. I have read many heartwarming stories of friends and strangers extending help. Kudos to those who were a text/call away to beat loneliness, help or lend a patient ear to rants. Hats off and genuine respect from the heart to doctors, nurses, technicians, research and admin staff in laboratories, government servants, our house helps, watchmen, cleaners, plumbers, electricians, courier and delivery service men and women, and several others for their selfless service even in these tough times. We now know they are the foundation of our social life and economy, without them we will be down to our knees.

December calls for pauses, ruminating and being grateful. Negative thoughts and stress will too keep on swinging by, embrace those and seem them dissolve. Whenever I feel I am sinking into ennui, I just sleep. It’s any day better than draining yourself with over-analysis and thinking about the past or the future. Meditation, slow deep breathing with exhalation through the mouth, shopping online or listening to music also help. Fresh air, sun and being amidst greens and chirping birds clears out the mind too. To keep up my motivation, I find things or events to look forward to because nothing works better than anticipation. Binge watching movies or series on OTT also seem to help, but instead it makes me feel exhausted by the end of it and eventually I need to sleep to clear out impressions from my mind.

I am looking forward to Christmas eve, it makes me wait for Santa though in my head I know he is a piece of fiction. I wonder if Santa will be out this time or will he deliver wishes and gifts digitally to follow physical distancing. Nevertheless, it’s time yet again to count our blessings and keep our well wishers closer. 2020 has certainly filtered out toxic people from our social circles, deep down we know who mean well and genuinely care. After the initial frenzy of video calls during the lockdown, there is now solitude and silence. Put up your feet, read that book, do yoga or workout and pamper yourself with plum cake and mulled wine. Vaccine is round the corner, so let’s just hope 2021 will be better. After all, hope might feel exhausting but it’s all we have!

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