An ode to coronavirus

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Dear Mr. Coronavirus,

Doing wonders, aren’t you? Sir, your popularity is soaring to new heights and creating records every day, so it is futile to ask how you are doing. Fame indeed makes one thrive and look at your omnipresence. I suppose this is why you chose to extend your stay with us in 2020 because history is proof that power often infects one with a poisonous charm which ultimately has a fatal end. So, enjoy the perks of fame while you can!

I so envy you sir, can’t believe I am saying this, but I could no longer suppress my emotions. Sir, you have traveled across the globe without passport, visas and travel expenses You are doing what millions of us can only dream of, a no-expense holiday without any paperwork. Meeting so many people is another remarkable feat for you, though we humans would any day prefer to dodge you. I must say you have transformed us for better though and there is no going back to our old ways (I hope so!).

In your era, we took a much-needed pause from the hustle of life and introspected on our choices. Thanks to you we huddled with our families during lockdown. We are eating healthier and focusing on our well-being. Love is blossoming for some, while for many relationships are taking an ugly turn. Nevertheless, we are realizing who matters the most and why there is no point in carrying forward the burden of toxic relationships. Undeterred by adversities, people are still marrying, making babies or moving in together – love hasn’t taken a backseat certainly. On the other hand, many have lost their loved ones while some are stuck in long-distance relationships and the longing is either strengthening their bond or debilitating it.

Nature and environment are flourishing, relieved from the excessive cruelties of human beings. Animals too look exuberant with fewer people around to disturb or hunt them. You know sometimes I wonder if the mother earth is silently crying due to the atrocities we human beings are inflicting on this planet? I hear you mother; we are indeed a burden on the most beautiful planet of this universe.

The whole world is now waiting with bated breath to curb your spread and the solution ain’t too far. Until then, please be kind to us sir. We are deeply humbled by your display of power, though some dolts continue to deny your existence and refuse to bow down to masks, soaps and sanitizers. I pray they acknowledge and respect your presence, for you are not to be ignored sir. I sincerely request you to consider hibernation or perhaps start winding up your kingdom from this planet. It’s time to jet-set into space and explore the universe, our mother earth has been your gracious host for quite a while. It is time to bid adieu!

Yours truly,

Writing on behalf of homo sapiens

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