Choose people who lift you up!

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As a kid, my parents and mentors in school always taught that do not indulge in wrong company. Choose to be with right set of friends who can be a good influence.

Now when I look back and reflect, it was such a simplified way of inculcating and weaving this idea into my brain and as a person that I should choose people who lift me up.

Personally, as much as it is important to welcome healthy criticism, it is extremely demotivating to have people around you who are toxic & constantly reminds you of things you cannot do.

The words like ‘Not’, ‘Shouldn’t’, ‘Cannot’, ‘Never’ are a personification of negativity around you. Choose people who fill your life and mind with positive words like ‘Why not’, ‘Definitely’, ‘Let’s Try’, ‘You can do it’, ‘You can do better’, ‘Inspiring’, ‘Role Model’ and many more.

The vibes around you can shape you in a way, which is beyond imagination. This reminds me of a Bollywood movie, ‘Taare Zameen Per’, for all my friends from western part of the world. This means ‘Stars on the earth’. The story revolves around a young child, whose family, and friends never wanted to help him through the phase where he needed them the most.

There comes the lead character of the movie, who apparently was his teacher, motivated him just enough to realize his true potential. The character in the flick is a classic example, how someone can truly lift you up and help achieve your goals in a much easier and beautiful way.

It is not just about choosing people for yourself, be the change you want to see in others.

Support people around you! Lift each other up. The world will become a better place!

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