Style hacks for women with a heavy bust

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To all the big-chested ladies who shy away from styling, these simple style hacks will make it easier for you 🙂 

First, let’s start with body type & measurement:

  • This body variation is most common with Inverted Triangle body shape, Fuller Hourglass body shape & Fuller Rectangular body shape.
  • Theoretically, women with D cup and above with band size 36 and below fall under the heavy bust category.
  • However, do remember. the heavy bust is about your body type, weight and height. If you are 5'11" with 36D, you are NOT heavy chested.

How can you check whether you have a heavy bust or not?

  1. You feel heavy on the upper body and not just during exercise or menstrual cycle.
  2. Measure your bust (band and cup), and compare the measurements with your waist and hips. If the bust is the heaviest part of that measurement, the chances are that you are heavy-busted.
  3. As I mentioned above, it is in comparison with your own body. So, like how we measured bust and compared with waist & hips, similarly, your height, weight and bone structure also come into play. For example, someone who is 4'9" with a 36D bust size will be medium/large chested and someone who is 5'9" with a 36D bust size won't be heavy chested.

Now back to 9 style hacks for women with a heavy bust: 

  1. Get the right fit for your bra - Lingerie plays an important role not just from the whole styling perspective but for your health and back. A bra that does not fit well or sits nicely on your bust will give you backaches and you will feel heavy by the end of the day. Get yourself fitted every time you want to buy a bra and especially if you are trying a new brand.
  2. The style/type of bra - I am adding so much importance to bras because they are a game-changer in your styling. Get the wider strap, full coverage seamless bras for your regular wear. Wired strapless full coverage seamless bra for singlet or thin strap clothes. 
  3. Open necklines for the win - Avoid turtle necks. However, if you do wear a turtle neckline, add a small layer of necklace that forms a V on the neck to give that illusion. Closed necklines tend to add visual weight to the bust, which we want to avoid. Open necklines like a V neck or semi-open like a boat neck will work well. If you wear a button-up dress/top, keep the first 2-3 buttons open to create a V and show some neckline. 
  4. Size of prints & patterns - Wear prints that are small-to-medium size closely spaced around the bust area. Small-to-medium size to large size print won’t add visual weight and is great to take the emphasis away from the bust. Patterns like huge pockets around the bust area and slogan tees should be avoided, again for the same reason to not add visual weight or emphasis. Stay away from all elaborate detailing around your bust.
  5. Avoid stiff/heavyweight fabrics - Avoid, stiff fabrics like organza or heavyweight like brocade. They tend to make your bust look bigger and fuller due to the type of fabric. A fabric that flows over your upper body is ideal for you.
  6. Clever alterations - It can get daunting to buy tops that fit your bust right but don’t look like gunny bags around your waist. For this, alteration is the key. Get the top/dress that fits well on your bust, something that you don’t have to squeeze yourself in :-). Go to a local tailor and get a nip/alteration done around your waist for that fit/curved look.
  7. Love wearing button-downs but don’t know how? - Button-down shirts/dresses can be a nightmare to buy. I would say avoid buttons as they add that visual element around the bust area and you don’t want that. However, if you have fallen in love with a button-down shirt/dress or if it's necessary to wear, then buy a shirt/dress which has inner buttons along with outer buttons or get inner buttons stitched.
  8. Say NO to creating a high-waist curve - This is probably the only rule that I will say NO to. A high-waisted skirt, pants or belt that is just under the bust or a dress tie-up just under the bust highlights and adds fullness to your bust. So wear medium waist skirt/pants and prefer a tie-up dress or belt just at the waist or a tiny bit above the waist. A wrap dress/shift dress is a great investment in terms of style. I would suggest avoiding low-waist outfits as well unless you are tall.
  9. Create length - Create length with your styling. My biggest tip for someone with a heavy bust is - add length by a waist curve and show some skin at the neck. Monochrome looks are a great way to add length. If you like wearing fitted pieces but are conscious of the heavy bust, adding a layer with your fitted dress or separates will help you minimize the attention and add a colour or pattern to your style. 

Fashion is to have fun, not to create restrictions 🙂. Hope these tips give you a head-start on styling. 

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