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Starting up isn’t easy. It needs courage and zeal to break your inner barriers as well as social, economic and legal barriers. What does it take to gather the courage, rise above barriers and attain the freedom to do your own thing? What if you had someone to guide and help you navigate the roadblocks on your startup journey?

Julia Kuemper from Germany, the founder of Ventreneurs (https://ventreneurs.de/) and the CEO of Venture Villa (https://venturevilla.de/), is on a mission to create a more diverse and sustainable environment for new businesses and reduce barriers that prevent people from starting their businesses. Our fantastic host Saurav Tiwari (Tiwo) talks to Julia about her journey from Political Science to realizing her vision of guiding and helping people on their startup journey.

She also throws light on moving your idea from paper to execution, doing things in your style and what does it take to succeed in your vision. Isn’t it amazing what Julia is doing? Don’t miss out on this purposeful conversation. Have you also been toying with a business idea? Do watch and share your views in the comments.

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Future. Participation. Equal Opportunities. Diversity. | CEO VentureVilla Accelerator GmbH, Ventreneurs GmbH & Match-Watch GmbH | #30over30VC | FRÜF Podcast & ACCELERATE - The VentureVilla Podcast

I advocate for more diversity in the startup and venture capital scene.In doing so, a look at the systemic (societal and legal) barriers is important to me and grounded in my political science degree & own experience as founder. My goal is not only to fight the symptoms (unfair distribution of capital in terms of ethnicity, gender etc.), but to identify the causes of these symptoms and to change capital flows in a sustainable way. That's why I founded Ventreneurs and work as CEO of VentureVilla to create a safer space for startups.

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