The Chronicles of an Unexpected Cab Ride

  • 26 min watch

Life can be pretty much unpredictable with unfortunate incidents which jolt us out of the blue. Richa Tibarewal, Saurav Tiwari and Ankur Sharma faced one such incident on the night of 5th September when their cab burst into flames on a busy expressway and they had a miraculous escape in the nick of time.

Watch this video where they recount the incident and tell us how it has impacted them. They also talk about how they took the right decisions with awareness as well as things we all should look out for while traveling in cars. We also had Jaryl, the Samaritan who helped the trio, who shared his experience and his stories where he had helped others or received help in the past. This discussion will leave you feeling blessed and rekindle your faith in humanity.

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