A Dance With Life

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I remember my first meditation class with Vikas Malkani at SoulCentre. But my life partner remembers me when I returned home! I was singing, dancing, jumping and smiling… Again!

What had happened with me in two hours?

Who is the man who made me see the light?

Every class was a celebration! My new life-transformational journey had started. Self-transformation is a learning process and all we need is a devoted Wisdom Coach.

I call Vikas my Guru. He is the man who literally taught me how to dance with life; how to celebrate my own life whatever it brings and how to turn life’s obstacles into great opportunities.

Our story begins now…

We have it all. A powerful story on paper — to read and share; to spread the word about it and repeat it; to remember it and return to it anytime when we look for inspiration, motivation or navigation. Every phrase is a powerful message! Every sentence is a wisdom guide to a bigger and brighter life.

“You are the Author of your own life story! Make it a Masterpiece!”

What is the story behind this quote?

My father was my first inspiration in life, and even as a child I watched him and learned from him. I wanted to grow up and be successful, just like him. He was an entrepreneur who started with nothing but became a great success.

But when I was a teenager I began to recognize that this pursuit of material success often creates a lot of stress, and it destroys health and breaks down relationships. I didn’t want to sacrifice my happiness in the journey to success, because I was clear that success without happiness is failure. But happiness without success is also frustration.

So I wanted both — а material success — to live in this world comfortably, and an inner fulfilment and joy, because without that, the cars, diamonds and money mean nothing. I decided that when I grow up I want to find the wisdom, the way that will create both success and happiness for me. And I knew I have to write that story by myself.

So I went in search of enlightened teachers of wisdom, men or women, and learned from them. The more I learned, the more I realized that life is nothing except what we make it to be. All the great masters have said this throughout the centuries, they have all given the same message that we have to shape our own life. If we don’t shape it, if we don’t step forward and take that responsibility, then other factors and external elements or people will shape our lives.

At the age of 29, I had my own inner awakening, and I decided to change my own life story. I shifted my life direction. By then I had become the CEO of our family business — a large and successful company. But I wanted to be a teacher and а wisdom coach. I wanted to share the wisdom that I had received because I wanted others also to be happy and successful.

Freedom is our greatest need, and I wanted to give people freedom and liberation from their fears and limitations. When we feel trapped in our life, at work or in our relationships, we die from the inside. I wanted to show people how to create a life of fun, fulfilment and freedom; to create the life and results they desire so that they can live in a state of constant celebration and gratitude.

So, at the age of 30 I left my old life; I walked away from being a CEO and started my life all over again, from zero. I didn’t have the resources or the support that I needed. But I had clarity, and clarity is very powerful.

When you have clarity of vision, you become certain of your life path.

And I knew that if I take just one step, the next step will show up. So I made a commitment to myself: that I have only one life and I will live this life following and fulfilling my life purpose, which was to show people how to be stable and successful, how to live a life of joy and celebration.

The purpose of our life is not to serve ourselves, but to serve others.

Our greatest use of life is to help others, to benefit others, to provide solutions to other people’s problems. To live my best life for me meant to give my best to the world, in the most effective way that I could find. And this is how SoulCentre was born. I created SoulCentre to be a place where people come for self-transformation; to break their own limitations, to find happiness and their purpose of life, to find clarity and to tap into their inner potential and create a life of their dreams.

Today, SoulCentre is recognized around the world as the premier training centre for personal development, Reiki teaching, meditation and mindfulness classes, and learning how to live a life of wisdom. People come to learn… and their lives are changed.

Is this the story you wanted to create for your own life?

Yes, this is the story that I wanted to write for myself.

  • The first part of my life was about achieving, finding and receiving. I went on a quest to achieve my own clarity, and to gain the wisdom on how to maximize this journey of life. I wanted to see the blueprint of life, to find the way of creating happiness and success. And I accomplished that. Now I can show others the way also; I can guide and coach others on how to create a life of stability and success, peace and prosperity.
  • The second part of my story is about giving, because I wanted to be both an achiever and a giver. From the age of 30 onwards till today, I have been giving people the wisdom, answers, clarity, freedom and happiness - that we all seek.

I wanted my story to be that of an achiever and a giver. When I look back at my life today, I see that is exactly what my life has become.

Everyone of us can create a new story.

It’s just like an author writing a book; every chapter can be a new chapter because you are the one writing. What you write, and how you choose to change the story, is up to you. But you have to plan it, and you have to put it into action.

Most people are focused just on getting through the day, the things that have to do today. Their life is occupied with just managing today and what it contains. But, this is not leading life, this is managing life.

Leading life happens when you have a vision about the future, and work to make it a reality.

I advise everyone to ask themselves these questions:

  • What do I want my life to be, not today but in the next five or ten years?
  • What kind of person do I want to become?
  • What is the best contribution I can make to others?

When you have a vision, then you can start to shape it and create it. Sculp it out, just like a sculptor, an artist, an architect or a designer. Every author thinks of the story that they want to write and then starts to write the first line of the first chapter of the book. First create the vision, and then take action on it. This is what it means to be the author of your own life story and to create a masterpiece.

Who is Vikas Malkani?

In one perspective, I’m a seeker of truth who became a teacher, guru and a giver of the truth. I’m an author and a speaker, an entrepreneur, an advisor, a life guide and coach to many leading professionals and entrepreneurs, a teacher of meditation and mindfulness. I’m all of these things.

But who am I really? I’m a soul on a journey called Life. And I want this journey to be happy and joyful for me and for everyone else too. And along the way, I want to be of service and help others. Celebration is the purpose of life, and I want to help as many people as I can to live their life in a mode of constant gratitude and celebration.

What is your legacy to the world?

My message to everyone is that this life is a great gift, that is meant to be celebrated, cherished and enjoyed. Not once in a while, at a party or a special occasion, but every day that we are alive. If you want to learn how, come and find me, and let's begin the journey together.

Life is great gift, celebrate it with wisdom!

If you want more inspiring stories and ancient wisdom from Vikas, check out some of these books which have been translated into over 8 languages:

- The Little Manual of Success

- The Little Manual of Happiness

- The Little Manual of Meditation

- The Little Manual of Enlightenment

You can order the books here - https://www.soulcentre.org/shop/books.html

To connect with Vikas and become part of the SoulCentre family:

- Website - https://www.vikasmalkani.com, https://www.soulcentre.org

- Online Coaching with Vikas - https://soulcentre.teachable.com

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  • Sept. 1, 2021, 2:02 p.m.

    Not many know what they do want to do with their life. You are a blessed soul to have met such a wonderful master who helped to unravel the mysteries of life and celebrate it :).

    Sept. 1, 2021, 2:12 p.m.

    I'm truly blessed. And I'm grateful for having the opportunity to pay this ancient wisdom forward to all the people searching for happiness and inner strength.
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