How can staying positive help?

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Being optimistic is very important for everyone in life. Let me start off with an example of positive thinking.

One evening, my sister, I, and two more cousins were at Jayanagar (a place in Bangalore, India). It started drizzling while we were about to travel from there. While it drizzled, all four of us stood in front of the Himalayas store, waiting for the rain to stop.

Here is how our conversation went like:

Me: "Kavya, what if the store person tells us not to stand in front of the store as we didn't shop anything from there"
My sister Kavya: "Why do you think that way? People may also look at us and come for shopping in this store as four of us are standing in front of it. Think positive!"

Her words left me awestruck. Even if we are pretty much optimistic, there might be blind spots and you may end up feeling the other way. Staying positive increases your willpower to face any hurdle in life. It is absolutely very tough to stay positive and feel motivated all the time. But, we need to keep in mind that it is we who are responsible for our mental and physical health. It is totally up to us how we handle the situations in our life.

Nothing is permanent here. Be it the people, or the situations which could be good or bad. Everything shall pass with time. Tough times won't last long. Whenever you come across a problem in life, make sure you don't spend more time suffering due to the problem. You are not meant to suffer, but to sail through the problems and overcome the waves of problems successfully.

Instead of blaming the tough times, ace it out with a smile and get stronger. Help the people around you with your experience of solving the problems in life. I always remember a quote which says:

Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim

Life is short, be helpful to people around you. Spread love and positivity with your good deeds. These will in turn help you lead your life better and become more meaningful.

Some tips I would like to give to stay positive:

  • Listen to stories of people who have achieved their dreams
  • Read books which make you feel better
  • Network with as many people as possible. This will really enrich you with different perspectives from multiple people
  • Stay disciplined and self-motivation is very much required to be optimistic, don't expect someone to motivate you all the time
  • Make yourself a priority, especially in the areas of physical and mental health
  • Have a goal in life that helps you thrive to live the life you have dreamt of
  • Have a mentor in life who can guide you and listen to you whenever there is a need
  • Value every moment in life as the only thing which you cannot get back is TIME
  • Dream big!

Bottom Line

We have just one life on this earth. Live it to the fullest and make the most out of it. Always keep smiling and stay positive. Staying positive will help you face tough situations in a sensible way.

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