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The pandemic has amplified mental health concerns and it has not spared anyone of us.

Right from a child who has been home schooling for more than a year and has not had the chance to step out and play with other kids - To Women who faced challenges managing work from home and all extra vagaries that come with it - Or a Working professional not being able to communicate your mental health concerns to your employer at workplace - Or some of us who have dealt with anxiety and stress of having to lose someone or fear of losing someone and not having anyone to share with in person!

While the pandemic has managed to make mental health discussion more common, still, even today, Mental health is considered as a Taboo by many, a topic not to talk about, its not considered normal to take a day off for mental health. We still feel we are obliged to say We are OKAY, even when we are NOT!

We at “The Bulletin Box” believe in making our Mental Health – A Priority. In our endeavour to do so, we are launching a Mental Health awareness campaign – Mental Health is as important as Physical Health - Let's make it a priority!

We bring to you insightful Articles, Vlogs with experts, tips for mental health, links to useful resources and most importantly a platform where you can share your views and challenges simply because "If you are not sharing it, you are carrying it"! Come support us in this campaign." data-video="Embed URL">

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