SupChina  |  World  |  Sep 22, 2023

Open-source intelligence in crisis: Navigating China’s restrictions

D. J. Bobbs from C4ADS and Skip Schiphorst from I-Intelligence delve into the ins and outs of China's growing restri...

SupChina  |  World  |  Sep 12, 2023

China’s top shopping influencer tells cash-strapped followers to work harder

Li Jiaqi, the "Lipstick King" who made $250 million last year, is being boycotted by consumers for saying on a weeken...

SupChina  |  World  |  Sep 08, 2023

‘Love is a Gun’: A spellbinding vision of yearning for freedom

Taiwanese actor Lee Hong-Chi pulls off a remarkable artistic feat in his directorial debut, which premiered at the Ve...

SupChina  |  World  |  Sep 01, 2023

‘Talks Overnight’ probes intellectuals’ anxiety in COVID-era China

Writer-director Su Qiqi describes her deeply personal, black-and-white debut as a “faux-fiction” film. ...

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