Entwined Mysteries of Water and Love

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While watering plants today morning, I couldn’t help but marvel at the wonders of this magical liquid that sustains life. It was World Water Day on 22 March and yet again newspapers and websites were full of scary facts on why it is now more important than ever to conserve water.

Did you know that the Sanskrit word for water is Apah, which also means love. The uncanny resemblance between love and water isn’t a coincidence. Both are the threads of our very existence, can’t do without them. Water flows and so does love, when water stops flowing it becomes stagnant, starts stinking and becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Similarly, distorted forms of love are fear, insecurity, jealously and hatred.

Love cares, so does water. It is because of water, we have life on this planet and if there ever will be a third world war, it is likely to be over water. Science has made significant advancements and yet it hasn’t been able to create water in the lab. Similarly, love cannot be manufactured in a lab...it can be faked but not for long.

With water and love, we live and thrive. Love is mysterious, it can be never be understood only felt. It supersedes all logic. On the other hand, water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen, both are inflammable gases that combine to form a liquid which puts out fire. Ice, the solid form of water, floats on it’s liquid form. Isn’t it all a mystery?

Love heals and motivates, so does water. Did you know water has memory? Scientists have seen unique microscopic patterns in each drop of water obtained from the same source at the same time. Water is known to pick up and store information from all the places it has been through. My grandmother always asked us to avoid drinking water directly from the tap for it has traveled through various pipes and corners and hence it may make you feel aggressive. She said we must fill up the water in copper vessels or bottles, keep it for some time and then have it. This pacifies the vibrations in water. Ayurveda also recommends saying a small prayer of gratitude and blessing our meals and water before we consume them. Looks like India’s ancient Vedic scholars knew all about the magic and the power of our prayer and thoughts. If we look at this scientifically, everything in the universe is energy and with prayers, we are transmitting the right frequencies of energy to our food and water which will eventually become a part of us. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Water is an evitable part of our life, without water there will be no life. Don’t we have a responsibility to use it sensibly and conserve it? Take a moment to introspect and think about how you can minimize its wastage. Start taking baby steps, for you will be saving and building our future drop by drop.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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