Ways to give your customers a great first impression in 3 Seconds

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In general, how many people do you think are trustworthy? How many of your friends are trustworthy? In a survey conducted by CBS News and the New York Times, people were asked what per cent of people, in general, were trustworthy. They answered, 30 per cent. The survey continued. Researchers conducted a second poll with a similar sampling of people and asked them what percentage of people they knew were trustworthy. They said that it was 70 per cent.

Their answer shows that when people get to know one another, they begin to trust each other and build a strong relationship. What's better in the world than that? Nothing. It's good to make connections with people. Making a connection with someone makes them more comfortable sharing with you what you will need to succeed in sales.

In about three seconds, your customer forms an opinion about you based on your appearance, your body language, your mannerisms, and how you are dressed. This is called the first impression. Making a strong first impression will help you develop customer relationships that make sales. From the moment you approach a customer, your behaviour, attitude and personal presentation influence your customer's buying decisions. Let's look at some ways to create a great first impression.

Here are ways that body language, mannerisms, tone of voice and facial expressions can make great first impressions:

  1. Make eye contact.
  2. Give a nice, warm, confident smile. Doing this will put both you and the other person at ease.
  3. Greet in a sincere, friendly manner.
  4. Pay attention to the customer - not the product, your stock, or a colleague.
  5. Show the customer that they have your willing, undivided attention.

Your appearance shows your customer that you respect them, your business, and your products and services.

Here are some useful ways of effectively presenting yourself:

  1. Be sure your posture is straight, confident and relaxed.
  2. Don't distract your customer by handling stock while you're talking to them. Tell me, who wouldn't get distracted.
  3. Make sure your hair and nails are well-groomed. You're in your workplace, not the underworld.

Small talk and conversations are important. They may help you to prepare questions for the person you are meeting beforehand. Or, take a few minutes to learn something about him or her. You should not only greet customers but engage them in friendly conversations. Keep in mind. You must -choose the right words. - Find common ground. - Take your time and please, do not rush. I mean, Why should you?

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