Why is it so important to have a growth mindset?

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Have you heard the words “growth mindset” and wondered what all the fuss is about. Let me help you understand.

Having a “growth mindset” has never been more important than now. The world is changing at an incredibly fast pace, and there are new challenges we must face every day. Our way of life is changing, norms are changing, and we must keep up and adjust to all of these changes. This is why having a growth mindset is so necessary.

American psychologist Carol Dweck explains that there are two categories of mindsets, a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.

These mindsets are based on individuals’ behaviour and their reactions to failure. People who have a “fixed mindset” believe that intelligence and other abilities are “fixed” and cannot change. People who have “growth mindsets” believe that intelligence and abilities can be developed through hard work and dedication. Having a “growth mindset” means you understand that you can improve or learn more, as long as you put in the effort.

It is easy to see why a growth mindset is so beneficial. Still, many of us may experience having a fixed mindset at times, which could be unproductive given that fixed mindsets can influence how we develop skills and learn. People with fixed mindsets worry more about looking smart vs. people with growth mindsets who worry about actually learning.

For example, a person with a fixed mindset may say they’re not a “math person” to avoid practicing math. While they can prevent momentary failure and struggle with this excuse, they are putting off the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop new skills. A person with a growth mindset would be willing to attempt practicing math, even if they struggle and fail during their first try. People with growth mindsets view their failures and setbacks as an opportunity to grow and as a sign that they should continue to develop their skills.

Having a growth mindset is important because it can help you overcome obstacles you may face when learning something new or developing a new skill.

By changing the way you think, you can change the way you learn. Knowing that your talents and intelligence can be developed allows you to explore, experience, and achieve more in life.

How to develop a growth mindset?

  1. Replace failure with life lessons
  2. Embrace imperfections
  3. Stop looking for validation and seeking approval
  4. View challenges as opportunities
  5. Use the work yet- for eg. I can’t do it yet
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