3 quick easy hacks to wear Print on Print effortlessly

  • 3 min read

What is it about prints that most people shy away, and to top it up a print on a print outfit is whole beats altogether. So today, I am sharing 3 quick easy hacks to wear Print on Print effortlessly.

To be very fair, until recently I was afraid of this trend as well. I can wear one printed outfit and add a printed tiny earrings/necklace but tell me to go the full-blown print on print and I will chicken out. 

Print on print simply put means combining two or more prints in your whole outfit. It can be 2-3 pieces of clothing or adding a mix of printed shoes or bag to printed clothing.  

This is not a new trend but has definitely been in focus from the past couple of years, it has always been existent from yesteryear of fashion days. Especially if you look at various ethnic outfits like Japanese kimonos, Indian sarees, African dresses, print on print has been practiced as a pattern since ages.

So we will decode the beginners print on print 3 quick easy hacks to wear Print on Print effortlessly:

Hack1 – Continuation of ONE COMMON COLOUR helps bind the whole look together

This simply means, have a common colour theme or one colour that will be consistent in your whole styling. If you see in this picture, the first check trouser and polka dot shirt have the colour light & dark brown as continuity. In the second look of florals, the common colour is blue-black and yellow. In the third picture, there is a single common colour – Red. The idea is keeping a consistency will pull the whole outfit together and each print won’t look aloof.

Hack 2 –  Continuation of SAME PRINT FAMILY in various size and spacing of prints

Again this talks about the continuity of the styling. keeping the print common ensures that your whole outfit works well with each other. The difference in the size of prints and spacing will add the necessary drama to the style. Look at the pictures and see how all three outfits have the same print but played well with the size/colour of prints.  

Hack 3 – Most commonly used, classic print with graphic design/print.