Our outward life is often a reflection of what is going on inside us! Therefore, it is very important to first look inwards and understand what is going on internally as we seek to achieve equilibrium in our lives ever overflowing with activities and constant mind chatter!! We have Anupama Murali, an ICF certified coach speaking to us about her own experience on inward journey and explains to us how to identify signs of emotional imbalance to enable us to move forward consciously!!

We at “The Bulletin Box” believe in Self Care and making Mental Health – A PRIORITY and in our endeavour to do so we are running a Mental Wellness campaign. Look Inward, Live more consciously !! is the first in a series of insightful vodcasts that we bring to you as a part of our campaign and we look forward to your comments and conscious participation :)

If you are someone who would love to understand:
- What does Looking inward mean?
- Experiencing emotional imbalance and lack of energy through the day
- Would love to live consciously rather than merely existing

Then, this vodcast is a must watch for you and you will also experience calmness as Anupama also gets us to do some mindful meditation during the vodcast!

Come join us in this campaign “Mental Health is as important as Physical Health - Let's make it a priority!” (https://thebulletinbox.com/feed/1253275/mental-health-is-as-important-as-physical-health--lets-make-it-a-priority)
As Anupama wonderfully sums it up in the vodcast- Often in life we think that we don’t have time to do things for our mind, but remember that when you give some time to your mind, your mind will give back much more in return…Join us in the journey on conscious living and achieving mental wellness.


Anupama Murali (Guest Speaker)

Anupama Murali is an ICF Certified Coach (ACC), Neuro Change Method Practitioner, KeyNote speaker, Musician, and a Meditation teacher. Making Life journeys enjoyable is all about being Clear, Stable, and Enthusiastic says Anupama. Her motto is to Be Centred whilst Staying Inspired. As a coach, trainer, speaker, she is committed to help people to 'Achieve with Equilibrium'. She also specialises in helping highly accomplished individuals to overcome Imposter Phenomenon through her work in Enoughness. 

As a coach, she helps people to shift from a Reactive Life to Intentional Living by enabling her clients to be more congruent in their life and is committed to help people to 'Achieve with Equilibrium'. Her clients range from corporate professionals to entrepreneurs to researchers who are keen to live life with Clarity, Stability, and Enthusiasm.   She conducts webinars and workshops at corporate and academic organisations on Self-Awareness, Self-Leadership.


Ivana Fertitta (Host)

Ivana, a Psychologist, Facilitator, Emcee and Speaker has a unique skills-set acquired working for over 20 years in the fields of Community Psychology, Training and Business Management. She works with Metamind, a boutique consultancy firm in Singapore, building and delivering customised training programmes in leadership development, positive communication and wellbeing.

Ivana is passionate about helping people being more happy, balanced and fulfilled. Leveraging on her core expertise in Positive Psychology she has helped many corporate clients to be more engaged at work, to manage stress, to develop resilience and to face change positively. She is committed to the mission of bringing more women and equality to stages around the world.


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