15 Quick Actions to Simplify Life!

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Our brains were designed to handle a simpler time. Life is sometimes too complex and distracting for us to really enjoy it. The logical solution is to take steps to make life simpler. Luckily, there are many simple things anyone can do to simplify their life and find a more peaceful and enjoyable existence.

Simplify your life by using these easy ideas:

  1. Use lists - Shopping lists, task lists, lists of good ideas, vacation idea lists, lists of exercises to do at the gym, and many more. Lists are a great way to plan ahead and to free your mind from having to remember. All you need to remember is to bring your list.
  2. Lay out your clothes before going to bed - It can be stressful to find clean and unwrinkled clothes that match when you’re running late. Make life easier on yourself by picking out your clothes before you go to bed.
  3. Put things away after using them - There’s a simple way to keep your home and workspaces much less cluttered: put things away when you’re finished with them.
  4. Pay your bills online - Rather than writing checks, filling out forms, addressing envelopes, finding stamps, and walking to the mailbox, just pay all of your bills on your banking website. Nearly every bank has online bill paying.
  5. Buy clothes that can be washed in a washing machine only - Dry cleaning is a hassle that requires an extra trip or two to get your clothes cleaned. There are plenty of clothes that look great that can be washed in the washing machine.
  6. Evaluate your time - What are you spending your time on? How much time are you wasting? How much time are you spending on activities and obligations that don’t mean very much to you? Life is simpler if you have more free time.
  7. Buy more than you think you need - Buying extra paper towels, socks, or anything else can help prevent unplanned trips to the store. If you think you only need 25 plastic spoons, buying 50 is just insurance.
  8. Create and use routines - A good, proven routine saves mental energy and time. If you have multi-step tasks that have to be performed regularly, such as grooming in the morning, it makes sense to develop a routine and stick with it.
  9. Always carry some cash - There are still times that cash is the only option. Keeping some cash on hand avoids making a trip to the ATM.
  10. Delete all the apps from your phone that you never use or use rarely - A cluttered phone creates stress, wastes phone memory, and makes it harder to find the apps you actually need.
  11. Un-subscribe from unwanted emails - How many websites are sending you emails that you either don’t need or never read? Get rid of them by unsubscribing.
  12. Have a salad for lunch everyday - Salad is good for you and having the same thing for lunch each day will speed up shopping and save time each morning. Add different meats or salad dressings to keep things interesting.
  13. Double your recipes and eat leftovers the next day - Cook half as often by cooking twice as much when you do cook.
  14. Take 5 minutes and clean up your computer desktop - You cleaned up your smartphone, now clean up your computer desktop, too.
  15. Unfollow people on social media that you do not know or do not care about - Most people on social media end up following a lot more people than makes sense. Focus your attention on the few people that matter in your life.

Try simplifying your life and see if it appeals to you. You can always go back to the old way of doing things if you’re displeased. However, once you see how much more enjoyable a simpler life can be, it’s unlikely you’ll even consider going back to the way things were.

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