Commendation - Setting you up and your kids!

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It always feels great when we are commended. We are always commended whenever we do something good or great for our loved ones or other people. Right now you are a parent to your child and to your boss (employer) you are an employee.

Let us say that you have worked so hard for a company. Perhaps you stay up late at night finding different ways in which the company you work for can grow, or you are in the marketing department and have been working hard to make sales for the company. At the end of the month, what could lift up your mood? I want you to choose one from the two:

  1. A paycheck, nothing else
  2. A paycheck plus commendation

Some of you do not have a problem going with the first one, that is a paycheck, nothing else. You are right, you deserve a paycheck because you have worked so hard for it (I also love paychecks by the way). Additionally, you have a family to take care of or have some bills to pay. 

An employer may commend you not every month but once in a while, I guess we all agree on this. Still, others might say yes, I need that paycheck but does my employer notice the work I have done for him? What does he think of my work? Some employers commend their employees for the hard work they have done for the company and this touches some employees. A token of appreciation may come as a bonus sometimes. Ladies and Gentlemen, it always feels great to be commended. 

Happiness can glow inside us when we are commended for everything we have done, this does not only apply when we are at work but also in other areas.

“You very well know how it feels when you are commended, now Imagine how your kids will feel when you commend them.”

Did you know that?

There is a secret in Commendation.

In Uganda, a country in Africa. Children go to fetch water from water sources which can be wells or springs. When they are coming back home, there is something that they say - They say that, "If I take this water home, they are going to commend me."

From the above statement, It is clear that they know they are going to be commended by their parents, they have no doubts about that. This means that their parents often commend them and what results from them being commended for what they have done is doing it all the time over and over again.

“Children are engulfed with joy when they are commended. If you have been commending them for all their hard work, keep it up, it is the right thing to do.”

Let us say your employer is commending you in this scenario. You have been called to your employer's office, you know very well that he won't fire you, you see him seated comfortably in his office chair.

"Come in please," he says after you have knocked on his door, he has your paycheck on his desk, "Peter, you have been doing great here at the company, I appreciate all your hard work." You know very well that he has your paycheck, so you say in your mind, "Yeah, I feel great now that you have commended me but about the paycheck, don't you think that you should have handed it over to me already?" 

Children are different from us in the way that they don't mind or ask for the paycheck - which is a great relief - but would want us to commend them for something that they did, no matter how little. As for us, someone may commend us but we would still need that paycheck. If we are an employee, which is okay but in other situations we wouldn't need it. If the people commending us are our friends or family, still our moods would be lifted if we are commended for all the hard work at a factory or company.

Citations on how it feels like to be thanked or commended

“Being thanked feels genuine (a very rare thing in the real World these days)......It gives a unique sense of satisfaction that feels like bliss for a moment.” S.Shankar Babu.

“It feels great. Everyone likes to be appreciated for their good deeds. Appreciation encourages you to perform more and better than the last time. It motivates you to give it your all and put in your best effort. Appreciation leads to stimulation of your reward centre in brain which releases dopamine in your body that is happy hormone. As someone rightly said, appreciation and expressing gratitude towards others' good actions motivates them to do more than their capacity and reach their true potential. We should never hesitate in Expressing our gratitude or thankfulness to others even for small actions as it can be really motivating.” Answer to How does it feel when someone thanks you for helping him? by Prachi "On Quora"

“The first thing that comes to my mind when someone thanks me for helping them is that Wow, he/she is so well mannered. I start respecting such people even more and also next time if they ask for help, I would gladly do it. Thanks is a small word but it shows a lot about you as a person. Most of the times people ask for favours and they don’t even say a simple thankyou. It shows how ill mannered they are that they don’t even have the courtesy to say Thankyou. It also shows that this person takes everything for granted and doesn’t really appreciate what you did for them. So next time they ask for help, I don’t think I would do dat. So to sum it all up, it feels good when someone thanks you. It feels good to see people appreciating what you did for them.” Tejal Desai. Answer to How does it feel when someone thanks you for helping him? by Tejal Desai "On Quora"

This is it on commendation and setting you up & your children!

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