Is Emotional Stability Key to Success ?

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As we emphasise the importance of Mental Health, I thought I should touch upon the most important topic in mental wellness that is, Emotional Stability.

What is Emotional Stability ?

Emotions are a part and parcel of every person's life and each one has his or her own way of dealing with them. Some like showing them, and some tend to internalise them. It is important here, to understand that's it is absolutely okay to feel all emotions but sometimes the way we react matters a lot.

Sometimes we do go overboard with our emotions and that takes away our peace of mind, doesn't it ? We do sometimes over react to things which we later feel that was completely unnecessary, don't we ?? Sometimes we utter words out of anger and later repent, Don't we ? Sometime we feel terribly hurt and keep crying so much that we lose track of our daily work, don't we ? Sometimes we don't react at all and keep emotions pent up, which gets released involuntarily one fine day. Either going overboard or just controlling them, both extremes are not good for our mental wellness. Both makes us dysfunctional.

A dam constructed on a river , when proper canals are built out the water reaches the right place and put into right use, but in the same dam if flood gates are opened the water gushes and rushes out and floods the entire town or city. So are our emotions - we can't say we should not have them, we can not suppress them either. But we definitely do have a right way to divert them so that they don't disturb our harmony and consequentially do not end up affecting our day to day life, our work and others around us.

We sometimes become victims of our own emotions and they become so overpowering that we lose hold of ourselves and are not able to concentrate on what we are doing and also not able to think rationally. Emotions are important and to Express them is even more important and also learning how to handle them in a right way is also important.

Why is emotional Stability so important ??

  • It helps us to have a balanced view point
  • It helps us to be capable and functional throughout.
  • It helps us thinking and acting not being impulsive
  • It helps in having an objective viewpoint towards people and situation
  • We also understand cues of what makes us go overboard and preventatively we find alternative way to divert it so that the energy gets channelised in a right direction.
  • It helps us to handle adverse life situations more easily than before.

The good news here is that, emotional Stability something that can be cultivated or built upon if conscious efforts are put. But it is not something that can we brought into action over night but it requires lifestyle changes to be made and definitely these changes if brought in, it will bring in a lot of peace and happiness.

How can we achieve Emotional Stability ?

  • Learning to manage stress at work or at home by prioritising work as urgent and important as first , important not so urgent second, less important but urgent as third and not so important and not so urgent as the fourth or last. This helps us channelise our energy in a more organised manner
  • We need to take care of our physical health by eating right. Physical and mental heath run parallel and definitely one affects the other.
  • We also should have some hobby or something else apart from daily work, something that rejuvenates our mood. It could be gardening, painting, writing or anything that you love doing.
  • Getting proper sleep is also very essential, as sleep and stress are inversely proportional. The more you sleep the less stressed you are.
  • Meeting friends and family member whom you like or at least have some time to talk to them.
  • Having a proper routine in doing your work or your household really helps because, this way we are more organised and occupied.
  • Some sort of exercise, Yoga or breathing techniques or meditation helps a lot. It will help us keep the triggers of unhealthy negative emotions at bay and will also help us to regulated our mood, rejuvenate our mind and manage our emotions.
  • We should always remember that we should try to "Respond and not React"

As a closing note to this article, I would like to emphasise that one could be immensely talented and well educated, but a person who is able to anchor his/her emotions is likely to be be more successful and happier in the long run!

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Freelance Clinical psychologist and on call consultant psychologist for Athulya senior care. Expert Panelist for online mental health portals for PARENTUNE and RYTLIFE
A mental wellness therapist/ counsellor/ psychologist. I believe in maintaining healthy mind enriched with healthy postive thoughts.
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