Festive Styling: Tips and ways to dazzle up your festive looks without investing in new pieces

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With the festive season upon us and another year of mellowed celebrations, many of us are still unable to meet our family and friends.

Nevertheless, we may still want to dress up and celebrate. This year I’ve decided, I’m not investing in any new outfits instead; I will play around with what I have.

What better way to look stylish than a saree right?

Sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, eco fashion - we hear these terms so many times but do we actually know what sustainable fashion means and why does it matter so much?

We often think about contributing our bit to the environment, or simply just avoid unnecessary buying and shopping or just decluttering our wardrobe. And that's exactly where sustainable fashion or ethical fashion comes in.

The key aspects of sustainable styling is to be able to re-wear, re-style and maximize every purchase made ….. and that is exactly my plan. When we invest time, money and effort into picking certain pieces we certainly need to be able to re-wear them.

It is important to pick more versatile pieces that can be styled in different ways and that is the true essence of sustainable styling. Flaunting your style and being fashionable by making conscious purchases, buying less but versatile clothing and not just following fashion trends blindly.

Using a crop top instead of a blouse is a great contemporary way to use your silk sarees, from puja to cocktail parties, all can be done. Isn't this fun?

You can wear your saree in a lehenga style, or wrap it up like a dhoti!  Drape a saree into a dress & gown, wear it with jeans, without petticoat to create some unconventional looks

To see how I’ve styled my sarees watch the below videos:




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