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The Cost Of Workplace Bulling To Organisations Worldwide Is Billions Of Dollars!

Yes, there is a cost attached to it!

Workplace Bullying, especially in developing countries has been swept under the carpet for far too long.

Bullying is an act act designed to single out colleagues for unfair and unprofessional treatment. The campaigns on Mental Health At Work has brought the menace of bullying to the forefront. The shame is now slowing shifting from the target to the perpetrator.

October 17-23 is the Global Anti Bullying Week. The Ethical Badass Factory (https://www.linkedin.com/in/zarineswamy/) and The Bulletin Box (https://thebulletinbox.com/) are together launching a campaign against Workplace Bullying to commemorate this week.

We have for you articles and interviews with experts, actionable tips on how to handle Workplace Bullying and much more.

Workplace bullying is just wrong. It affects Individuals and Organisations alike. What we are attempting to do with this collaboration is to bring the effects of bullying on both Individuals and Organisations to the forefront. Join us in the fight by following us on all the social media handles of The Ethical Badass Factory and The Bulletin Box.

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