I am more than my body

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Styling is very personal to me. There is a difference between following the fashion and developing a unique style. All this that you see now is not what I was. People who know me from school/college are amazed by my transformation. It’s not just the external transformation I am talking about. I am more me than I ever was and all this happened gradually, the more I accepted myself with all my quirks, the more I accepted my body, the more I fell in love with me and people saw the changes.

College was not as much of a body struggle and I did not feel so conscious. One reason for this is thanks to my genes, I had (still have :-)) great skin and decent metabolism. My body was a size S at the max M.

I started having body image issues in my mid 20’s. I started gaining weight every year and before I could take hold of it or realize this, I had gained 10 kgs and then came pregnancy weight. My confidence was at an all-time low and with the birth of my son, my body image went on dipping. People feel they are doing you a favor by telling you about how much weight you have gained, or that you cannot/should not wear a certain outfit, or by suggesting exercises and food for weight loss. All this and much more is body shaming if not done with the intent to gain a healthy fit body and not just a skinny one.

Around the same time, I started my journey as an Image Consultant. With this newfound knowledge of how to style my body, I started investing in clothes that looked great on my body type. With this zest to create a name for me as an Image Consultant, I started reading about body shape styling and body image issues — how these are intertwined. The right knowledge of your shape and confidence to accept your body can be your greatest asset.

As I started working with women clients, I realized that most women irrespective of age suffer from negative body image.

Our self-body image is a reflection of our thoughts. If you don’t respect yourself, if you don’t love yourself, if you don’t follow a passion, you will be everything that others want you to be but yourself. As influencers and role models for our kids, their friends, nieces, and nephews, it is our responsibility to bring about this change with every life we touch.

This is my story and why the hashtag #Iammorethanmybody. This whole society irrespective of which part of the world you are based in tries to put everyone in a box. The pressure is more on women than men. Did you know 60% of women's conversations are based on what they ate and what diet they are trying to follow? We have so much to share, so much to give and yet our conversations are based on food, body, and diet. The world tries to create umpteen insecurities for women. I just saw this ad for “anti-aging cream for 20-year-olds” as a precautionary cream to what is them turning 30. I am appalled at some of the products in the market, what about being graceful at every age?

#Iammorethanbody is a passion project for me. Dressing up, looking pretty is NOT bad, it is a choice, it is something that I WANT for MYSELF, not for anyone else. I know some amazing women, who dress in 6-inch heels, apply a whole load of makeup, and talk to you on any goddam topic you want, yet they are judged only by the way they look. When people turn around and tell my 3.5-year daughter that she is pretty, she has to know that she is pretty strong.

When this self-image is positive, you feel positive about your physical body. Try and appreciate your body. Dress smartly and wisely. Our image depends on how we are groomed. If you feel you don’t look good or you don’t dress smart, others will sense your dip in confidence. Take a pledge to not be a part of fashion trends, instead use the trend and styles that suit your body, roles and goals in life.

I have gone through so many changes to create an authentic look for myself, a style that is me, an image that says “Jainee Gandhi”. I can today truly say #IAMMORETHANMYBODY

The below picture is an actual representation of my journey from 2011-2015 as a person and an Image Consultant.

https://stylingredefine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/jainee-iam2.jpg" alt="MY STORY – I AM MORE THAN MY BODY">


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