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Not only News, 'The Bulletin Box' is also a platform for passionate writers who wants to share insightful perspective, opinion & experience with our thousands of readers.

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  1. How can I start writing on ‘The Bulletin Box’?

    ‘The Bulletin Box’ is an open platform where anyone can write. As we are expanding, we keep looking for self-motivated, passionate and enthusiastic volunteer writers to be a part of our team.

    If you are a passionate writer, you can apply to join our team - As next step - Please pick any current hot topic, write insightful & informational article and email us at We will review the article and get back to you about your onboarding.

  2. Are the articles published on ‘The Bulletin Box’ available for everyone to read?

    ‘The Bulletin Box’ is a global platform and so anyone across the world can read your articles. Even without creating an account, your article would be available for readers. There’s no need to login to read. However, in order to like the article, account/login is required.

  3. What kind of topic or content I can write on ‘The Bulletin Box’?

    As such, you can pick any topic and write insightful & informational content which can benefit readers. For reference, you can research and write about - new gadgets, software review, future technology, startup landscape, crypto currency, software development, data in tech, book review, sports events, news analysis, health & nutrition, inspirational content etc.

  4. How can and how much money, I can make by writing on ‘The Bulletin Box’?

    Once your first article is published, you are auto eligible to earn money. You can earn money based on number of views & likes on your published content. So, the more people view or like the content, the more money you would be able to earn. You can promote the article to your friends, families & network and ask them to read/like.

  5. Will ‘The Bulletin Box’ help in promoting my published article?

    Yes, we do help promote published article on our all social media channels and we also tag author’s social profile. However, not all articles get shortlisted. Our editorial team selects article based on the article’s content for our social media post.

  6. With ‘The Bulletin Box’, what kind of work or initiatives I shall be a part of?

    Primarily, the focus will be on researched journalism - to research, analyze, dig deep and write insightful, thought provoking content with stats, conclusion & opinion.

    Further based on your interest, you can be a part of vodcast’s and social campaign’s talks in which we invite influential people & experts across various industries to share their inspirational journey, experience & opinion. As we’re expanding, we’ll have more upcoming initiatives and of-course you can propose, discuss & execute any new initiatives.

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