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As we are expanding, we're also looking for self-motivated, passionate and enthusiastic volunteer writers to be a part of our editorial team and work on different initiatives.

If you -
  • love to 'say it right with words’;
  • like to analyze, dig deep, research and write with stats, conclusion & opinion;
  • have knowledge, unique perspectives to share with the world;
  • and above all, have the absolute eagerness to follow your passion for writing;
... let's not wait to explore. Apply to become 'The Bulletin Box' writer and let’s embark on an exciting adventure together.
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  1. Once I’ve joined ‘The Bulletin Box’ as volunteer writer, will I still be eligible to earn for my published article?

    Yes, you will still be eligible. Being a part of ‘The Bulletin Box’ team will not have any impact on your earning as writer (for your published articles). For more details, you can refer -

  2. With ‘The Bulletin Box’, what kind of work or initiatives I shall be a part of?

    Primarily, it will be deep-dive initiative and focus will be on researched journalism - to analyze, dig deep, research and write insightful, thought provoking content with stats, conclusion & opinion.

    Further based on your interest, you can be a part of vodcast’s and social campaign’s talks in which we invite influential people & experts across various industries to share their inspirational journey, experience & opinion. As we’re expanding, we’ll have more upcoming initiatives and of-course you can propose, discuss & execute any new initiatives.