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NDTV  |  Technology  |  Mar 22, 2023

News18  |  Technology  |  Mar 22, 2023

Google Finally Lets You Try ChatGPT Rival Bard AI Chatbot: What You Need To Know

Bard AI will be looking to challenge the evolution of ChatGPT AI chatbot by expanding its reach to more users. ...

The Econo…  |  World  |  Mar 21, 2023

Chatbots’ ‘alarming’ output prompts US Senator to query tech giants on safety

Michael Bennet, a Democrat from Colorado, wrote to the chief executive officers of OpenAI, Microsoft, Alphabet Inc...

Grit Dail…  |  Startup  |  Mar 21, 2023

Revolutionizing Customer Service: 6 Benefits of AI Chatbots

AI chatbots are one of the top news stories this year, and it’s for a very good reason. Businesses finall...

The New Y…  |  Technology  |  Mar 21, 2023

Google Releases Bard, Its Competitor in the Race to Create A.I. Chatbots

The internet giant will grant users access to a chatbot after years of cautious development, chasing splashy debuts f...

WIRED  |  Business  |  Mar 21, 2023

Google Rolls Out its Bard Chatbot to Battle ChatGPT

A new bot has entered the chat. But Google warns that, like its competitor, it will sometimes “hallucinate. ”...

Trend Hun…  |  Technology  |  Mar 21, 2023

Personable Weather Chatbots - Carrot Weather Debuted a New ChatGPT-Powered Chatbot in 5.10 (TrendHu…

( TrendHunter. com ) Carrot Weather has introduced a new chatbot feature based in ChatGPT 3. 0 in its latest v...

News18  |  Technology  |  Mar 20, 2023

ChatGPT Outage: People Face Issues Using AI Chatbot For Hours

The popular AI Chatbot was unable to handle the incoming traffic which resulted in an hour-long outage. ...

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