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Fortune  |  Business  |  Dec 06, 2023

Jamie Dimon blasts crypto, tells Senate he would ‘close it down’—even as JPMorgan pushes forward wi…

The JPMorgan CEO's comments to the Senate are just his latest tirade against crypto. His position is a bit ironic gi...

Cointeleg…  |  Technology  |  Dec 06, 2023

Game studios quietly integrate blockchain without the buzzword

Blockchain technology is facing backlash from players and gaming developers, forcing some studios to avoid "buzzw...

Cointeleg…  |  Technology  |  Dec 06, 2023

IEEE to issue blockchain skill certificates on Avalanche in India

Avalanche was selected as the primary settlement layer for IEEE’s certificate issuance because of the need for an...

Entrepren…  |  Startup  |  Dec 06, 2023

“Add some blockchain into it.” — What an Investor Told My Client.

When is it a valid recommendation, and when is it mindless? Continue reading on Entrepreneur's Handbook » ...

Cointeleg…  |  Technology  |  Dec 06, 2023

Web3 gaming trends in 2024: Execs weigh in on blockchain gaming future

Wemade CEO Henry Chang said that as more developers gain confidence, there will be greater experimentation and mo...

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