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Tom's Gui…  |  World  |  Dec 02, 2023

Latest Amazon Fire TV update adds auto-playing ads whenever you turn it on

Amazon finds an even more annoying way to bombard you with ads...

Reuters  |  Video Bro…  |  Dec 02, 2023

Record drought could keep Amazon dry through 2026

Turbo-charged by climate change, a drought has sapped the Amazon River and four of its biggest tributaries to their l...

Gadget Te…  |  Technology  |  Dec 02, 2023

Amazon signs contract to launch Kuiper satellites using Falcon 9 rocket from rival SpaceX

Amazon’s Kuiper project, which aims to provide broadband Internet, could become a competitor to SpaceX̵...

Engadget  |  Technology  |  Dec 02, 2023

Amazon just dropped the first teaser trailer for its Fallout series

Amazon has released the first official teaser trailer for Fallout, its upcoming live-action series based on the be...

The Verge  |  Top Stori…  |  Dec 02, 2023

Amazon’s first Fallout trailer welcomes you to the wasteland

Fallout. | Image: Prime Video War never changes — and neither do the vibes in Fall...

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