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The pandemic has made people realise just how stressful work is - just getting to and from work in big cities. It removed the veil, and people have realised things they did not think about before. Mental wellness at workplace has gathered attention more than even before and several organizations have taken specific steps to support their employees mental wellness. Building a positive mental wellness culture is a priority for several organisations and for the employees today.

We have Corina Zanner - Entwistle, CEO of Executive Mind Solutions and Bhavika Bhatia, an experienced HR professional discuss various practical aspects of mental wellness at workplace. Corina has shared several tips and strategies for both the employer and employees on how to handle various situations at work.

We are sure you will find this vodcast interesting and relevant. Do watch and share your comments with us.


Corina Zanner-Entwistle (Guest Speaker)
Founder and CEO of Executive Mind Solutions
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Bhavika Bhatia (Host)
Senior Manager Talent – Ernst & Young
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