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"Assertive" is not the same as "Aggressive" - Assertiveness is a way to get your needs met without offending others. It is so powerful, yet no one is hurt. That does not mean that people will not at first reject your new found assertiveness. However, if they do, they will eventually respect you, because real assertiveness involves both respect for yourself and the other person.

In fact, assertiveness is about asking for what you want and expressing yourself in a manner that respects others. It basically means standing up for yourself while being respectful. It’s a communication skill that can reduce conflict, build your self-confidence and improve relationships in the workplace.

Join us to understand “Assertive” over “Aggressive”, as Ruchi has wonderfully sums it up in the vodcast.


Ruchi Parekh (Guest Speaker)
Executive Coach, Life Coach,NLP Practitioner, Keynote Speaker, Belbin Accredited Facilitator, Lawyer
Follow @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruchmadan81/

Renée Gallant (Host)
Dot connector extraordinaire | Skilled relationship manager | Lifelong learner | Committed volunteer
Follow @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/renee-gallant-singapore/


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Executive/Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Keynote Speaker, Accredited Belbin Facilitator and Lawyer.
I help high-potential professionals build emotional resilience and a positive mindset to get to the next level in their lives personally and professionally. My main objective is to help clients …

Dot connector extraordinaire | Skilled relationship manager | Lifelong learner | Committed volunteer
A perpetual “dot-connector” Renée loves nothing better than bringing together people, projects, resources and purpose. Having spent the bulk of her 20+ year career working in advancement, external r…

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