Building Young Healthy Minds Today for a Better Tomorrow

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It is often said “It takes a village to raise a child “. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future; and how we choose to raise our children determines the outcome of the world’s and our future.

A happy child grows into a happy adult and any harrowing experiences in childhood can have far reaching impact in the child’s life as he or she grows into an adult. In the current world with overload of information, constant exposure to digital devices, gaming mania, busy work lives of parents, raising a child has become a multidimensional activity and has no right answers. With the pandemic bringing in changes such as limited exposure to external environment, constant monitoring by parents, many kids are facing social anxiety as they slowly move back into their new social lives post pandemic.

If you are a parent wondering :
- Is my child doing okay ? Is there a right way of parenting ?
- What can I do as a parent to promote my child’s mental wellness ?
- Increased screen time - consequences and what can I do?
- Wondering how would my child react when it steps into this large world after being in the confines of home for close to two years ?
- Why is my child refusing to go back to school and is comfortable with online schooling?

Do watch out this space as Ivana Fertitta engages in an interesting and insightful conversation with Dr. Manjiri Deshpande Shenoy, a child mental wellness expert, who shares succinct and practical tips on mental wellness for children.

As Dr. Manjiri wonderfully sums it up - “There are no perfect parents, no perfect children but there are definitely perfect moments along the way and it is important to notice them”. Join us in this journey of conscious parenting and promoting mental wellness in children for a Better tomorrow.

We at “The Bulletin Box” believe in Self Care and making Mental Health – A PRIORITY and in our endeavour to do so we are running a Mental Wellness campaign.

We bring to you Insightful Articles, Vlogs with experts, tips for mental health, links to useful resources and most importantly a platform where you can share your views. Come join us in this campaign “Mental Health is as important as Physical Health - Let's make it a priority!” -

Know more about host and speaker:
Ivana Fertitta (Host)

Ivana, a Psychologist, Facilitator, Emcee and Speaker has a unique skills-set acquired working for over 20 years in the fields of Community Psychology, Training and Business Management. She works with Metamind, a boutique consultancy firm in Singapore, building and delivering customised training programmes in leadership development, positive communication and wellbeing.

Ivana is passionate about helping people being more happy, balanced and fulfilled. Leveraging on her core expertise in Positive Psychology she has helped many corporate clients to be more engaged at work, to manage stress, to develop resilience and to face change positively. She is committed to the mission of bringing more women and equality to stages around the world.
Dr Manjiri Deshpande Shenoy (Speaker)

Dr Manjiri Deshpande Shenoy [MBBS, DNB in Psychiatry, Fellowship in Child Psychiatry] is passionately interested in child, adolescent and young adults psychiatry. She heads a chain of Child & Adolescent Guidance clinics (Indlas Child Guidance Clinics) which has branches across India. She is the convenor for School Mental Health- IAPP (Indian Association of Private Psychiatry) and believes her role in not only treating mental illnesses but also promoting mental wellness.

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Consultant Psychiatrist and Head at Indlas Child Guidance Clinic and Indlas Mind Clinic
During MBBS itself, found an intense liking to psychiatry. Was fortunate to get admission in one of the best institutes for Psychiatry- Vijayawada Institute Of Mental Health and NeuroSciences (VIMHAN…

Corporate Trainer & Consultant I Professional Speaker I Well-being and Happiness Expert I Psychologist
Committed to helping people reach their true potential and live a meaningful life. I am passionate about training corporate clients to be happy and engaged at work which results in productivity an…