“The Unspeakable: Workplace Bullying And How To Tackle It” is a social media campaign by The Bulletin Box (https://thebulletinbox.com/) and The Ethical Badass Factory (Zarine Swamy | https://www.linkedin.com/in/zarineswamy/). This interview is the second in a series of vodcasts for this campaign.

We may have gotten it all wrong with bullying!! The bully is not usually the well liked social butterfly we make them out to be. They are sad, insecure individuals mostly, with an axe to grind. Let's not follow Hollywood in glorifying or glamorising bullies.

Bullying happens at workplaces. Like you will find out in this vodcast it happens in the police force! UK was terrorised recently by the story of a police officer who abducted and finally killed a young woman during the lockdown. His colleagues, who had been observing the officer’s strange behavior for a while, refused to speak up, afraid of a backlash from a toxic work environment which condoned bad conduct, leading to disastrous consequences.

Watch the full interview in this vodcast with Jonathan Wilson formerly of the UK Metropolitian Police who had faced bullying in the police force and has now retired to spread awareness about this menace!

Jonathan throws amazing light on why people bully & what goes on with an individual who gains power from peeling off the power from others.

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