The Unspeakable - Workplace Bullying and How To Tackle It

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“The Unspeakable: Workplace Bullying And How To Tackle It” is a social media campaign by The Bulletin Box ( and The Ethical Badass Factory (Zarine Swamy |

Bullying is everybody’s problem. Apart from having horrific effects on a target’s mental and physical health, bullying affects the morale of entire organisation. It costs companies billions of dollars worldwide, and this is one of the biggest reason why YOU as an individual should care about bullying. That could be a huge part of YOUR bonus and YOUR performance incentive being eaten up by a toxic work culture that condones or turns a blind eye to bullying.

Watch the first vodcast interview of this campaign with industry expert Grant Saptoe (Managing Director - Paradigm Management Consulting) to know - how do we deal with it when it happens to us? Grant Saptoe from South Africa, having been once affected severely by bullying himself, is on a mission to neutralise workplace bullying with his venture Paradigm Management Consulting. He has appeared on television, webinars & radio shows to fight the menace that is workplace bullying.

Our fantastic host Zarine Swamy (Founder - The Ethical Badass Factory) talks to Grant about what led to his journey and the big question - how do we deal with it when it happens to us? Don’t miss out on this conversation with a lot of great takeaways and share your views in the comments.

Support us in our campaign against bullying to make our workplaces safer and happier -

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