Reinvention through Transformation


Change is the only constant, but change isn’t always easy. It takes courage and determination to navigate through the challenges and not give up.

Sheila Berman, a customer success manager with DigiB, opens up about her transformation journey and how she re-invented herself and adapted at each step. Sheila has had an enriching and diverse professional journey where she switched gears between economics, fashion design, IT startup and digital marketing across the Philippines, Australia, the U.S. and Singapore.

She talks about her experiences and how guidance, curiosity, seeking help, speaking up and owning her transformation helped her adapt to different cultures and thrive professionally and personally. Hosted by the ever-awesome Tiwo (Saurav Tiwari), watch this inspiring episode that is full of insights to break your barriers and shine.

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Digital and Content Marketer APAC | Digital Channel Enabler | Nonprofit Global Marketing Lead

I am a domain-changer, having worn various hats across different countries and industries. I have co-founded a successfully exited start-up company, crunched numbers in retail merchandising, written articles for online magazines, created content, organized events, among others. I have been actively volunteering since landing in Singapore in 2017 and have held Partnership and Marketing roles. My current day job involves working with people, data, and tech in the chemical industry.

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